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We won't waste your time with stuff you can't use. We focus on the practical, not theoretical, so when you're finished you can put what you've learned to work directly.

Top Production Value

We pride ourselves on our production values. Audio that's sharp and clear, imagery and diagrams that bring the topic to life.

Zero Bias

All platforms and topics are welcome at Tekpub. We're not backed by large corporations, nor do we have any kind of partnering deals. We focus on you, not selling things to you.

Industry Experts

Our commitment to your learning experience, as well as our high quality presentations, attracts industry experts from across the industry. Jon Skeet, Ayende Rahien, Scott Hanselman, and Dave Ward, among others.

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Tekpub's Reputation for Quality

Developer's of all stripes rely on us to help them stay current and informed. Here's what they have to say:

Tekpub Improves Your Skills

Whether it's gearing up for an interview, readying for a new project, or simply wanting to know what's going on in your industry - we've got you covered.

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